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Hyderabad Airport Details

Ansh Air Ambulance Service from Hyderabad to Delhi Medical flight Cost INR 6.50-7.50 Lakhs
Airport Details
Airport Open 23rd March 2008
Airport Name: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
Airport Code HYD
Address Shamshabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500409
Serving/Type: Hyderabad/Public
Owner/Operator GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd, GHIAL
Busiest 6th Position
Aircraft Movements: 1,79,600/yearly
Elevation 617 m
Airlines Hub For Commercial Airlines
Airways Stretchers Air India, Air Asia
Charter Aircraft Jet Aircraft, King C-90, King B-200, Pilatus PC 12, Citation XL, others.

About ANSH Air Ambulance in Hyderabad

ANSH Air Ambulance Service in Hyderabad is one of the top 10 aeromedical rescue and transport service privileges. This domestic and international medical transport service is providing air charter medical flight and commercial stretcher services for all the time. This Air Ambulance from Hyderabad is providing the services to shift the patients through Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad.

Basically, all the medical evacuation services are based on Bed-2-Bed where the needy one gets full-time intensive life care supports. ANSH Air Ambulance Services in Hyderabad is serving the people of this metropolitan city. This air ambulance service company has each and every medical transport service facility where any severe patient can move along with us. The air ambulance is facilitating all the medium of medical evacuation services under the world-level experienced and dedicated ICU Specialists and crew members.

This Medical Trauma Care Like Service Company is providing an advanced air ambulance service from Hyderabad to different cities in India or beyond India at very genuine rate. The basic and common aerial medical transport routes from this city to another city is Hyderabad-Delhi, Hyderabad-Mumbai, Hyderabad-Chennai, Hyderabad-Vellore, Hyderabad-Bangalore, Hyderabad-Trivandrum, Hyderabad-Kolkata, Hyderabad-Chandigarh, and so no. India’s experienced ICU medical team is conducting this medical transfer service having the entire emergency medical equipment. The Patient and two relatives travel under this medical evacuation by Private Medical Air Charter Services where the ICU doctor and Paramedic assist them during the full medical journey.

Although Air Ambulance Charge is costlier than the other ambulance services, it is useable by all the needy societies of people in India. Here, ANSH Air Ambulance Cost from Hyderabad is always resolving the patient’s relatives’ high costing issues. It is the prime service provider that has no hidden, bargaining, and unethical demanding cost from the guests. ANSH Air Ambulance as far as possible demands the exact price which is neither burden to the people nor the patient’s treatment. Therefore, all the needy once visit it before the finalization of their medical transfer call.

Why ANSH Air Ambulance in Hyderabad is for the People:
  • It offers the best and experienced MD, Paramedics, and ICU Staff
  • It provides all the hi-tech and latest emergency ICU equipment sets
  • It does take care of the patient from one bed 2 the destination bed
  • It is easily available for 24/7 Hour at very genuine cost and ethical value
  • It is committed and 100% pure quality services of ICU, CCU, and NICU

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