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About Train Ambulance Services in Ranchi

Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand and presently, this city is developing with its prosperity. The British used this city as the summer capital of Bihar. The climate of Ranchi is always paramount in comparison with the other city. The Jagannath temple is a famous religious place where the people also visit. Ansh Ambulance Service in Ranchi is one of the highest times Patients’ Transportation Services to Delhi. This ambulance service company provides all the ambulances to transfer the emergency, accidental, and chronic patients in the form of an air ambulance, train ambulance, and ground ambulance service. Basically, the local people give their first preference to the local hospitals for their primary treatment. In the case of higher treatment, they leave for Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Vellore, Hyderabad, and the other major city hospitals. Here, Ansh Ambulance Service provides India’s best Intensive Care Unit & Medical Personnel in Train Ambulance Service.

The medically registered emergency patients’ transportation service company supplies all the sets of emergency equipment such as Cardiac Monitor, Ventilator, Infusion Machine, Suction Machine, Oxygen Cylinder, Regulator, Emergency Medicines, Respirator, and basic life stocks. Each patient is our responsibility therefore this ambulance company provides a complete bed-to-bed service with the same medical assessment. This is an ambulance service cost for this railway line medical journey then only a basic cost is demanded from the guests. This Train Ambulance Service from Ranchi is available to all the classes of patients round the clock. The needy person anytime can call us to join us with this Train Intensive Care Unit Medical Journey.

What is the basic cost of Train Ambulance Service from Ranchi to Delhi or the major city?

It is the quantity question, by the way, Ansh Train Ambulance Service ensures with the cost of Train Ambulance Service from Ranchi to Delhi or the other major city.
The following is the details of Train Ambulance Cost from Ranchi to the other city:

  • Train Ambulance Cost from Ranchi to Delhi – INR 75000 (Full-ICU Package), 50,000 (Semi-ICU Package)
  • Train Ambulance Cost from Ranchi to Mumbai – INR 95000 (Full-ICU Package), 65,000 (Semi-ICU Package)
  • Train Ambulance Cost from Ranchi to Chennai – INR 105000 (Full-ICU Package), 70,000 (Semi-ICU Package)
The above-mentioned cost is tentative in the case of booking time a final cost is provided to the guests.
What is the procedure for booking for this Train Ambulance Service in Ranchi?

As we know, Indian Railway has its own schedule and time-table. In this condition, Ansh Train Ambulance Service always follows the norms of the Indian Railway. For your kind information, Any Train Ambulance Service needs 24-48 Hours by which we can arrange train tickets, medical team, and medical equipment in the particular place. Ansh Ambulance Service confirms the booking of this Train Ambulance Service observing the current position of his medical team and train tickets.

Can all the department of emergency patients avail of this Train Ambulance Service in Ranchi?

It is good news that all the departments of emergency patients can avail of this Train Ambulance Service in Ranchi. Ansh Train Ambulance Service provides one of the highly expert teams of Emergency Medical ICUs who are familiar with their jobs. They have a long time working and experience therefore they can easily operate all types of emergency patients such as SICU, CCU, MICU, ICU, NICU, BICU, and so on.

A schedule of Train Ambulance Service from Ranchi:

Ranchi-New Delhi (12453/RNC NDLS RAJ EX)

Ranchi-Mumbai (12812/HTE LTT SUF EXP)

Ranchi-Vellore (13351/DHN ALAPPUZHA E)

Ranchi-Chennai (13351/DHN ALAPPUZHA E)

Ranchi-Bangalore (18637/HTE BNC EXP)

Ranchi-Hyderabad (17008/DBG SC EXPRESS)

Ranchi-Kolkata (18616/HTE HWH EXP)

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