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Air Ambulance or Aeromedical Rescue is one of the fastest ways to transfer a critical or emergency patient from one city to another city. This airway medical evacuation service is very impressive and time-saving. Usually, this air ambulance is used to transfer all types of serious patients for their further medical treatment. In India, these are air charters medical flights such as King Air C90, Beechcraft King Air B200, Citation XL, Jet Aircraft, and Airlines shift the patients.

Ansh Air Ambulance Service in Patna

According to the patients’ disease and emergency needs, there are two types of aeromedical rescue services in India.

For immediate medical transportation: Charter Aircraft Medical Flights (King Air C90, Beechcraft B200)
Availability: After Call confirmation, this air charter ambulance is available within 4-5 hours at the patient’s nearby airport in India.

In fact, these are the patients who have already been admitted to the ICU room but need higher medical treatment that is not available here. They instantly need to leave this emergency medical room to get a new higher medical ICU room. In this situation, the patients do have not much time and this medical transportation service is possible only by the help of the Air Ambulance Service.

This is an Air Charter Ambulance that is well-occupied with all the emergency medical accessories. This is a scoop stretcher that is in-built inside this air charter. The entire set of emergency equipment is portable and the latest techniques based are carried along with the patient from one bed to the destination bed. India’s most experienced doctors’ teams operate this aeromedical journey monitoring the patient. The medical team keeps all the necessary emergency medical equipment such as Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Infusion Pump Sets, Suction Machine, Nebulizer Machine, Oxygen Cylinders, External Pacemaker, and all the basic and advanced life support to treat the patient.

For scheduled medical flight: Airlines Commercial Stretcher (Air India, Air Asia, IndiGo, and so on)
Availability: After Call confirmation, this commercial airlines stretcher is available after 2-3 days at the patient’s nearby airport in India.

This is the second type of air ambulance service in which the patients are transferred from one city to another city. Mainly, these are the patients who need medical supports in the form of oxygen, blood transfusion, and basic health care. These patients are fit for getting airlifting. They have time because they do not want to hire road or train ambulance services.

In this case, these airlines such as Air India, Air Asia, IndiGo, Vistara, SpiceJet, and the other flights are available to regulate this aeromedical journey. As we know, this the scheduled medical flight where the patients submit their current medical reports and after the permission they are capable of transferring from one place to another place on time.

Inside this airline, there are three medical sections work to transfer the patient. These are Airport Medical Team, Airport Engineering Team, and Private Air Ambulance Service, Provider. Before availing of this air ambulance, the patients’ medical reports pass through some procedures. The airport medical team allows us and rectifies as a Fit to Fly. The airport engineering team prepares commercial stretchers inside this airline. At last, the private air ambulance service company provides this commercial airline stretcher service.

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